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If you use Microsoft Windows or an Apple Macintosh, you can use CitySlide.

CitySlide is compatible with any of these browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Opera
  • Any JavaScript Compatible Browser

If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer for Windows, you can also use a special easy-to-use editor that works like a word processor. If you aren’t using Microsoft Windows, you can still access every other feature of CitySlide.

Compatibility Statistics

CitySlide works with over 97% of computers that access the Internet and virtually 100% of the computers that an average user would have. Anybody that uses Microsoft Windows or an Apple Macintosh can use CitySlide.

100% of the users on the Internet can access websites created by CitySlide regardless of whether they use Microsoft Windows or an Apple Macintosh.